SMSRanger 2023 Bot OTP Complete Review

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SMSRanger 2023 Bot OTP Complete Review

SMSRanger 2023 Bot OTP Complete Review

A couple of days ago, I decided to use a different bot from the one I usually use, and here is the review of the SMS bot. Have you ever heard of SMSranger or its uses? Anyways if you haven’t heard about SMSranger, here is a proper check on the pro and cons of using SMSranger 2022 bot OTP review; just like every other review on this blog.

SMSRanger 2022 Bot OTP Complete Review

I took my time to discuss the SMSranger 2022 bot OTP even if it’s your first time of coming across the word SMSranger you will understand it uses and how to use it, this review covers a lot even if you are a newbie in the bot world (All platforms) It would only take you some reading to know more about bots and SMSranger as a bot, one of the most advanced SMS capture bot.

What is a Bot?


According to Wikipedia, An Internet bot, web robot, robot, or simply BotBot, is a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet, usually to emulate human activity on the Internet, such as messaging, on a large scale.

SMSRanger to help ease some work stress. Just like the SMSranger and many other web bots out there, they are created to make working less stressful, mainly if you deal with a large audience and don’t want to come out as slow, the SMS bot helps communicate with your audience or users, as replies are automated and if configured very well can come out as human.

Review: SMSRanger 2022 Bot OTP

The SMSranger is one of the most advanced SMS capture bots and comes with various features and customization that make it one of the best in the market.


I would’ve personally not completed a review about SMSRanger 2023 Bot OTP. After using this Bot, I decided you have to know about this Bot and its excellent features, though just like every product, it has its pros and cons. I will also be discussing it, but trust me; you will love it.



SMSRanger Customization

One of the best things about SMSRanger 2023 Bot OTP is its total user control feature, i.e., you, as the bot owner, have full control over how your Bot works and can customize how it looks and feels and also how the Bot works even in delivery fetching data and executing commands I give them kudos on this one, SMSranger gives you total control on the behavior of your Bot.


While I advise you not to use SMSranger for illegal works, we will not be held responsible for how you choose to use it. I can’t go ahead without mentioning here that it has the best SMS delivery function and was ranked to be one of the most used SMS OTP bots by scammers in getting users’ bank information pretending to be their bank, and 95% of the time these victims fail to differentiate between fake and real. That is how SMSRanger works when it comes to customizing the feel and looks of your delivery replies.




Just like I have stayed above, even if you are a newbie in the Bot using business, you will know how to use SMSRanger 2023 Bot OTP, as it’s flexible and easy to understand, and the customization level is topnotch you don’t need to look for bot experts to help set up SMSranger, as the manual that comes with the Bot will guide you on how to use it without much stress. For flexibility, I give SMSranger a 95% mark.

Message Delivery

One of the features of a good bot is very rate; in case you are looking to start using a particular bot and come across any review that doesn’t talk about the delivery rate of the Bot, you should kindly ignore such Bot unless you want to struggle with the delivery of your message to users. The delivery time of your message your be paramount in case you are building a bot or intent to buy one.


It would be best to look into message delivery; SMSranger has one of the fastest delivery rates of many SMS bots I have ever used, though you can schedule the time or date you want your message delivered to your recipients.




Call delivery

According to experts, once the target’s phone number has been entered, the Bot does the rest of the work, ultimately granting access to any successfully attacked account.


Users claim that SMSRanger is about 80% effective if the victim answered the call and the information provided was accurate and new.



Too Pricey

SMSranger is too pricey, but considering the services, it makes it understandable, but it’s pricey for a newbie who doesn’t have money and doesn’t want to rob the bank. Apart from the fact that SMSranger is expensive, I don’t see any other cons about using SMSranger. I’m still using it and exploring its full features; I might update this article later if I find any new development.



Lifetime Subscription: $2800.00 (Unlimited calls/OTP for life) 30days Subscription: $399 (Unlimited calls/OTP for 30 days)


While there is enough room for more improvement, the SMSranger bot is excellent and one of the best SMS OTP bots. Note: this review is purely for educational purposes. Anything our reader decides to do with the tool is none of our business, and we can not be held responsible.

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