as you’ll know DARKWEB is a hidden server where people purchase all kind of dangerous objects, hacking software and many more interesting product


DARKWEBTOOL are open portal you can get some open tools, on this page, you can purchase any hidden products and get it delivered to you,

Dark web tools and services

The Into the Web of Profit report identified 12 categories of tools or services that could present a risk in the form of a network breach or data compromise:

  • Infection or attacks, including malware, distributed denial of service (DDoS) and botnets
  • Access, including remote access Trojans (RATs), keyloggers and exploits
  • Espionage, including services, customization and targeting
  • Support services such as tutorials
  • Credentials
  • Phishing
  • Refunds
  • Customer data
  • Operational data
  • Financial data
  • Intellectual property/trade secrets
  • Other emerging threats

such products includes

  1. GUNs
  4. credit card numbers, all manner of drugs, guns, counterfeit money, stolen subscription credentials, hacked Netflix accounts and software that helps you break into other people’s computers.

As in the real world, the price you pay for stolen data fluctuates as the market changes. According to Privacy Affair’s Dark Web Price Index 2021, these are the most current prices for some of the data and services commonly traded over the dark web:

  • Cloned credit card with PIN: $25 to $35
  • Credit card details with account balance up to $5,000: $240
  • Stolen online banking logins with at least $2,000 in the account: $120
  • PayPal transfers from stolen accounts: $50 to $340
  • Hacked Coinbase verified account: $610
  • Hacked social media account: $1 to $60
  • Hacked Gmail account: $80
  • Hacked eBay account with good reputation: $1,000

Is the dark web illegal?

We don’t want to leave you with the impression that everything on the dark web is nefarious or illegal. The Tor network began as an anonymous communications channel, and it still serves a valuable purpose in helping people communicate in environments that are hostile to free speech. “A lot of people use it in countries where there’s eavesdropping or where internet access is criminalized,” Tiquet said.


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