How to buy credit card

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How to buy credit card


How to buy credit card

How to buy credit card

Yes, there’s many ways to buy credit/debit card online nowadays but fewer are trusted

Quick Report: Credit Cards Sold on the Dark Web in 2021

The dark web is home to a vast amount of illicit markets and shops. Although there’s a variety of goods to be purchased on the dark web, one of the most sold resources by volume on the dark web, if not the most sold commodity, is stolen credit cards. Just last week, the largest carding site operator announced they would be retiring, after allegedly selling 358$ millions worth of stolen cards.

Aligned with our business, Flare collects credit card information that is for sale on various websites, in the hopes of alerting the card issuer that a credit card has been compromised, and by doing so, preventing fraudulent transactions from taking place. Focusing mostly on the North American market, for the purpose of this research, Flare has sampled the information of 500,000 credit cards.

Let’s take a look at a quick analysis of the data we’ve collected in 2021.

The Prevalence of Stolen Credit Cards in North America

First of all, of the credit card information we have collected, let’s find out which brand is the most prevalent. As a general rule of thumb, the credit card brand can be identified with the first digit of the 16 digits composing the credit card number; 3 – American Express; 4 – Visa; 5 – Mastercard; 6 – Discover.

The Most Commonly Stolen Credit Card Brands

Exhibit 1: The Most Commonly Stolen Credit Card Brands

If we compare the amount found to the reported market share by brand, we can immediately notice a correlation, there seems to be no discrimination of brands sold on the dark web. Although the smaller issuers, American Express and Discover, aren’t as prevalent as they ought to be.

Market Share By Brand

Exhibit 2: Market Share By Brand

All this raises the question: how much does a credit card sold on the darkweb actually cost? The answer is surprisingly a measly $5.72 USD on average, the median price of a stolen credit card sitting at $5 USD. Con​​sidering the information sold usually consists of the credit card number, expiration date, cvv, cardholder’s name, zip code, address, and sometimes phone number, or even mother’s maiden name (MMN), date of birth (DOB), and social security number (SSN). All things considered, it may be surprising to learn you can essentially purchase a person’s identity for the price of a coffee.

As mentioned above, purchasing a stolen credit card on the dark web gives you access to a lot of information, including the zip/postal code of the credit card holder. As it so happens, some shops even provide the postal code as public information before purchasing the card.

We have compiled the zip codes of all cards for which it was available, and used the data for the following; let’s look at where the cardholders are located. Sampling 10,000 random zip codes from our dataset, we have plotted the location of American cardholders.

Distribution of Stolen Credit Cards Across the Eastern United States

Exhibit 3a: Distribution of Stolen Credit Cards Across the Eastern United States

Distribution of Stolen Credit Cards Across the Western United States

Exhibit 3b: Distribution of Stolen Credit Cards Across the Western United States

At first glance, not only can we notice that the distribution of credit card fraud victims is generally widespread, but also that our random sample follows quite closely the population density of the United States with larger concentrations around urban centers. This should come as no surprise considering most credit card theft happens through online means, and internet users are spread far and wide throughout the whole United States.



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Here’s a fewer proof of our claim


How to buy credit card

Simple question people will ask

What are these pre-paid credit cards that are for sale in the Dark Web? I.e. For $1000USD you will get a card with a guaranteed balance of $4500-$8000USD. If these are such a good deal then why don’t the sellers use them themselves?

*its called carding…….they are stolen.

Why dont they use them?

Because thats not their specialty, their specialty is stealing them. what they are doing takes much more knowledge, having an insider in certain situations, access to retail servers etc etc…there are many ways they achieve it. BUT, good carders generally DO NOT get caught. If they were to use them, it could be opening up a door for a possible warrant and arrest/seizure of computers. It is not a scam, you just have to know how to cover your tracks when liquidating them into cash

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